With 20 years presence in the world of natural winemaking solutions, continuously monitoring modern developments around oenology, we can offer guaranteed, selected and original ingredients that cover any oenological need. In order to supply the wine industry with the most extensive selection of wine yeasts, bacteria and fermentation nutrients, we work closely with Lallemand, a leading producer and distributor of wine yeast, bacteria and nutrients, as well as oenological enzymes.

The Lallemand portfolio of natural winemaking solutions is offered under the brand names: LALVIN, UVAFERM and ENOFERM. Recently, we expanded the Alinda product range by adding to our portfolio a sophisticated product series related to clarification and treatment, as well as tannins from the Zefug company.


Oenological Yeasts
Wine Nutrients & Protectors
Wine Bacteria
Specific Inactivated Yeasts

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